Elemental Media

11/11 Friday | 4am

NYU’s Media Culture and Communication Department and the Institute for Public Knowledge invite you to join us for a symposium on the influence of elemental phenomena on culture, politics and communication.

The elements, from shifting geological substructures to atmospheric circulations, are lively forces that shape culture, politics, and communication. This symposium will explore the mediating capacities of elemental phenomena, their dynamic rhythms and queer intra-actions, and the stabilizations and imbalances created in the era described as the “Anthropocene”.

  • Stacy Alaimo, The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Shane Brennan, New York University
  • Alenda Chang, UC-Santa Barbara
  • Heather Davis, Pennsylvania State University
  • Eva Hayward, University of Arizona, Tucson
  • Hi’ilei Hobart, Northwestern University
  • Melody Jue, UC-Santa Barbara
  • Stephanie LeMenager, University of Oregon
  • Jason Pine, State Univeristy of New York at Purchase
  • Nicole Starosielski, New York University

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