Garnette Cadogan
Visiting Fellow, Institute for AdvancedStudies in Culture, University of Virginia
Chad Borkenhagen
PhD Candidate, Sociology, Universityof Chicago
Claudio Benzecry
Associate Professor of CommunicationsStudies and Sociology (by courtesy) at Northwestern University
Francesco Findeisen
Visiting Fellow, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University
Eyal Press
Writer based in New York
Sophie Gonick
Assistant Professor at the Departmentof Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
Malkit Shoshan
Architect, Director, Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory
David Grazian
Associate Professor and Graduate Chair,University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Solnit
Writer, historian and activist
Neil Gross
Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology,Colby College
Tom Sugrue
Professor of Social and Cultural Analysisand History, founding Director of the Collaborative on Global Urbanism, Director of the American Studies Program, New York University
Joshua Jelly-Schapiro
Visiting Fellow, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University
Mark Treskon
Research Associate, Metropolitan Housing andCommunities Policy Center at the Urban Institute
Christina Jenq
Visiting Fellow, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University
Boris Vormann
Professor, Political Science, John F. KennedyInstitute for North American Studies, Freie Universitat
Kaisa Ketokivi
Post Doctoral Researcher, University ofHelsinki
Jerome Whitington
Senior Research Fellow, Science, Technologyand Society Cluster, Asia Research Institute
Liz Koslov
PhD Candidate, New York University
Austin Ziederman
Assistant Professor of Urban Geography,London School of Economics
Nicholas Lemann
Joseph Pulitzer II and Edith PulitzerMoore Professor of Journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Andrew Zolli
Writer based in New York
Max Besbris
PhD Candidate, Sociology, New YorkUniversity
Ofelia Mangen
Educational Designer and Technologistfor the Teaching + Learning with Technology group, New York University
Farai Chideya
Professor and writer, DistinguishedWriter in Residence at New York Univeristy's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
Pierluigi Musaro
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Business Law, University of Bologna
Helena Chimielewska
Assistant Professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland
Laura Noren
Moore/Sloane Postdoctoral Associateat the Center for Data Science
Daniel Aldana Cohen
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Anette Nyqvist
Associate Professor, Department of SocialAnthropology, University of Stockholm
Ebony Coletu
Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies, Penn State Affiliate Faculty, Center for Democratic Deliberation
Julia Ott
Director of Undergraduate Studies,History, The New School
Christian Covington
Francisco Panizza
Professor, Latin American and Comparative Politics, London School of Economics
Edward Crowley
PhD Student, Sociology, New YorkUniversity
Caitlin Petre
PhD Candidate, Sociology, New YorkUniversity

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