Martijn Konings

Associate Professor, Political Economy, University of Sydney

Martijn Konings is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. His research interests are at the intersection of political economy and social theory, with a focus on money and finance especially in the US context. He has published a book on the historical development of American finance, and a book on the psychological and affective aspects of money and capitalism is forthcoming in 2015. Currently Martijn is working on two projects: a book on neoliberalism, co-authored with Damien Cahill, for Polity’s "key concepts" series; and a conceptual history of financial governance, with specific reference to the role of the Federal Reserve in the current conjuncture – tentatively titled "State of Speculation". Together with Melinda Cooper he is editing a new book series, Transactions: Critical Studies in Finance, Economy and Theory, published by Duke University Press.

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