Naresh Fernandes

Poeisis Fellow

Naresh Fernandes is a journalist from Mumbai, who currently edits Time Out magazine’s editions in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. He is the author most recently of the title essay of Bombay Then, Mumbai Now, a photographic book about the city’s historical and comptemporary development. He has previously co-edited Bombay Meri Jaan, an anthology of writing about the city. Over his two-decade career, he has covered religious riots that left 800 people dead in Bombay in 1992-1993, examined how the closure of 53 cotton textile mills affected the city’s social fabric in the late 1990s, and has written about the social dynamics of new neighbourhoods spring up on the edges of the city. He is currently working on a book on how jazz influenced Hindi film music in the middle of the last century.

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